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Over 50 Ad Exchanges available with global reach

100% performance oriented with cutting-edge machine learning algorithms

100% self-serve platform

Natively integrated with 6 major conversion tracking systems

Below you'll find our pricing

  • free

    Free Plan(Forever)

    1. Unlimited events
    2. Skype support 24/7
    3. 6 months data retention
    4. 1 custom tracking domain
    5. Bot filter (only 1)
    6. Sudden change (only 1)
    7. 3rd Affiliate network API integrate (only 1)
    8. 3rd Traffic Source API integrate (only 1)
  • Custom Plan

    1. More additional users
    2. 1 year data retention
    3. More custom domain
    4. Bot filter (more rule)
    5. Sudden change (more rule)
    6. 3rd Affiliate network API integrate(more)
    7. 3rd Traffic Source API integrate(more)


Compare Newbidder to other solutions

Function Funnel Heat
Bot & Custom
Traffic Filtering
Unlimited Tracking
Domains (CNAMEs)
Extensive Reporting Custom
Tracking Fields
Cloak Key Performance
Device Detection
Unlimited Page &
Offer Rotation
Quickest Redirects Mobile App Advanced Traffic
Cost Update
Good UI and UX Optimization rule Get noticed from
sudden change
Funnelflux 60+
CPVLab 100 20+

you can set rules for creating
white& black list bot ip

Flexible Report System like Google


13+ endpoint set in global which
makes quickest redirect

In developing

One of my offers went down? Which one, in which country?
Show it to me!
My domain got flagged? Which one?
ROI suddenly dropped, on which campaign?
New zone that is eating up budget and
killing campaign appeared?